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Marks Media Community Action Partnership

Community Action Partnership

Since 1986 Marks Media has produced hundreds of marketing campaigns for national, regional, and local non-profit organizations.

Marks Media’s fundraising campaigns have helped raise millions of dollars. In 2018 CAPSTJOE partnered with Marks Media to help make it happen for them.

Marks Media Web Development

Web Development

Marks Media’s goal was to set CAPSTJOE apart from other non-profits with a modern and fluid website that displays their incredible services to their community.

Marks Media Video Production

Video Production

The challenge for CAPSTJOE was to find the most effective ways to explain all their services in a short concise way.

Marks Media created a one-minute animated video and the problem was solved! They also created powerful stories provoking strong emotions to find new customers, volunteers, and donors.

Marks Media Print Design

Print Design

CAPSTJOE needed fresh print materials to inform donors and volunteers of their services. Marks Media provided several mockups with several designs so they would be confident in their final print pieces.

Marks Media Testimonial

“We have been very pleased with the work that Marks Media has done and continues to do for CAP. I highly recommend them for any company or non profit.”

Whitney Lanning - Executive Director / CAP STJOE