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Marks Media Issue & Political

Issue & Political Campaigns

Marks Media has been called on for political strategy, consulting, and creating campaign/marketing tools for political candidates and issue-driven initiatives.

A few of our clients include Judge David Bolander, Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Scroggins, Judge Keith Marquaret, the SJSD initiative Prop One, and Al Purcel for County Commissioner.

Marks Media Video Production

Video Production

Marks Media has produced many videos for our political candidates and issue campaigns to tell their stories. The videos were one of the most important tools to help convey the ideas and issues.

Marks Media Logo & Design

Logo & Design

Marks Media has created unique logos and mailers for the political candidates and issue-driven campaigns they’ve managed.

Marks Media Testimonial

“I really believe that Marks Media was a critical component for my being elected to Division One Judge. Their creative ideas, the strategy they provided and the effort they put forth was more than I expected. I’m very grateful for Marks Media and the team”

Circuit Judge David L. Bolander /