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River Bluff Brewing

Marks Media utilized elements of design, video, social media, & web to help River Bluff Brewing launch their company with the best marketing tools.

Marks Media worked alongside River Bluff Brewing from the beginning. It was an amazing retail project with a bunch of passionate beer connoisseurs – which made creating a unique marketing and branding campaign a little easier. 😉

Marks Media Logo & Design

Logo & Design

Marks Media’s goal was to create a logo that paid homage to the history of the St. Joseph community & stood out in the craft beer world.

Marks Media created over 40 designs, narrowed it down to the top 5 designs and presented them to RBB. The guys were overwhelmed with their choices but they picked they landed on a logo they’re proud of.

Marks Media Video Production

Video Production

Marks Media’s goal was to create enticing videos to use on social media platforms.

These videos helped start a buzz about the brewery, prompting the community to show up and support.

Marks Media Web Development

Web Development

Marks Media designed a new website that continues to grow in traffic, helping to bring in new customers weekly.  

The website’s beer menu is updated daily so customers can see what is on tap, on demand. It’s also a great place to buy River Bluff merchandise, get in touch, and learn more.

Marks Media Testimonial

“What can I say about the team at Marks Media. They got our vision from the very get go and delivered more than what we were expecting. I just wish they would have traded the work for beer.”

Edison Derr - Co-Founder, Director of Marketing & Sales / River Bluff Brewing